My friends call me crazy. They say that my obsession with Days has gone overboard. But I love the show so much. I have only been watching the show since the summer of 1996 but I just can't seem to stop. It is my favorite show and I never miss an episode. Since I spend my days at school, I have to tape it. If I miss a day, I almost break down and cry. But it is a great best show!

This is a picture of my 'Days' shrine...
it has grown since that picture was taken.

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Kristen will always be my favorite character on Days.

She made me laugh and she made me cry. She's Eileen Davidson. I wish that she was still with the show. Maybe someday Kristen will make an apperance. If you are a big fan of her too, here is a good site:
The Kristen Dimera Homepage

Another Kristen Page

I'm also a big supporter of Mike and Carrie. I think they were meant for eachother and they know it. Austin is stupid and does not deserve Carrie. Mike is perfect. Not only is he a doctor but he is good looking and a real gentleman. Here are a couple Mike and Carrie pages.

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